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The Researcher's Toolkit: Write & Publish

Medical and Scientific Writing

Researcher Profiles & Research Impact

Establishing a Researcher Profile (e.g. ORCiD) will ensure that you get credit for your published work, making it easy to track the impact your research is having on the world.

Author Rights



Retain your author rights by including an addendum to your publisher agreements. The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) and the Tri-Agency Open Access Policy provide guidance on writing an addendum: 

[Journal] acknowledges that the researcher will be entitled to archive an electronic copy of the final, peer-reviewed manuscript for inclusion in (name of repository). Manuscripts archived with (name of repository) may be made freely available to the public, via the internet, within twelve months of the official date of final publication in the journal.


Creative Commons Licenses

Open Access Publishing

The world of publishing is evolving in many ways. Learn more about open access journals, your rights as an author, trends in open access publishing and how the library can assist you to meet Tri-Agency publishing requirements.

Author Fee Agreements

Some open access journals charge authors a publishing fee. Many non-open access journals also make page or author charges in addition to subscription charges to readers. The Tri-Agency Open Access Policy identifies the cost of publishing as an eligible expense under the Use of Grant Funds.

Use Sherpa Juliet to find more info about research funders’ open access policies.

McMaster University does not offer grants for Article/Author Processing Charges (APCs). However, researchers at McMaster are currently eligible for the following open access publishing discounts as a benefit of subscriptions paid for by McMaster University Libraries.

Open Access Publishing Discounts

Publisher Discount Details
ACS 25% discount on ACS Author Choice Open Access services  
Microbiology Society  full discount on society journals  
NRC Research Press  50% CRKN member discount
  • 17 eligible journals
  • $1500 per article (discount applied)

fees covered in 900 ‘SAGE Choice’ hybrid journals, as of January 1, 2021 for CRKN members


  • APC are fully covered in these title
Taylor & Francis 25% CRKN member discount in Open Select journals
  • On acceptance of submission to an Open Select journal, choose open access article
  • ACP discount will be applied when CRKN institution is selected as the organization; price shown will include the list price, discount applied and actual price
  • Accept the price quote then select a Creative Commons license to sign
  • Select the invoice payer (person or a third-party organization); the invoice will be sent at the discounted rate

Claim one of 10 SynOpen vouchers

  • SYNFACTS journal only
Cambridge University Press 20% CRKN member discount
  • Eligible for all Gold OA and Hybrid OA Cambridge journals

Also visit McMaster Libraries support for open access for additional information and discounts. 


Funding Sources

Some granting agencies allow author costs as an eligible expense. Grant opportunities and their related policies can be accessed through the following websites:

Journal Selection & Evaluation

Tools for Journal Selection

Tips on Journal Selection and Evaluation

Using Copyrighted Materials

Use of copyrighted materials in your teaching, learning and research activities (including theses, presentations, and manuscripts) are governed by a combination of the Copyright Act and licensing agreements with publishers.

Licenses signed by the library with various publishers supersede the Copyright Act allowances. Please contact the Health Sciences Library for guidance and clearance to use materials from our electronic collection.

For more information on the Canadian Copyright Act please visit Copyright - McMaster University.