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Getting Started with ORCID

Learn how to set up your ORCID Researcher Profile

What is ORCID?

ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier) is an open, community-based, non-profit registry of unique author identifiers.

When you sign up for ORCID, you are assigned one of these unique identifiers (a 16-digit number), which can be used to link your various research activities (publications, presentations, datasets, grants, etc.).


Get credit for your work
  • Unify your research output and distinguish yourself from similarly named authors in the global research landscape.
Meet publication and granting requirements
Ensure accurate reporting of research impact
  • An up to date ORCID ensures that all your work is captured during the  grant, promotion, and award review process. 
Seamlessly integrate with McMaster Experts
Your ORCID is yours for life
  • Whether you move to a new organization, retire, or change your name you can keep adding to your ORCID.