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Making an Impact: Tracking Your Research Metrics

Learn strategies for assessing the impact of your research with this step-by-step guide to research metrics


Altmetrics consider how people interact with your research output in both traditional media (e.g. newspapers, tv news, journal websites) and social media (e.g. Twitter, Mendelay Dataverse, Github, etc.).


 If your research is being widely read, discussed, and shared it is an indication that your research is making a significant impact.


By considering a range of indicators beyond citation counts, altmetrics can measure the impact of a diverse range of research outputs (e.g. articles, books, datasets, presentations, software, etc.). 


Examples of Standalone Altmetrics 

Mentions/ Shares: The number of times your research has been mentioned in media or social media contexts

Views/ Downloads: The number of times your article, dataset, presentation, etc. has been accessed from a given website or database

Ratings/ Reviews: Personal or professional evaluations of a researchers output reported through traditional or social media (e.g. book reviews in journals; product ratings on Amazon, etc.)


Examples of Aggregate Altmetrics

Altmetric Attention Score: Indicates the amount of attention a given research output has received based on a weighted count of various standalone indicators tracked by the Altmetric tool. More information can be found here.

Attention Score In-Context: Normalizes the attention score of a given research output to see how it compares to other outputs from similar publication dates and publications

Altmetric Attention Score

Altmetric Attention Score