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Making an Impact: Tracking Your Research Metrics

Learn strategies for assessing the impact of your research with this step-by-step guide to research metrics

Types of Research Metrics

Impact metrics can be divided into three broad categories, from which a wide variety of unique indicators can be derived.

Select one to learn more:

Citation-Based Metrics

  • Consider the number of times your publications have been cited in other research publications


  • Consider how people interact with your research outputs in both traditional media (e.g. newspapers, tv news, journal websites) and social media (e.g.Twitter, Mendelay Dataverse, Github, etc.) 

Journal Metrics

  • Consider the impact of a given academic journal (e.g. JAMA) by looking at the number of citations its published articles receive

Advanced Metrics

  • Consider patterns in citation and publication data to derive a variety of specialized indicators for impact analysis.