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Making an Impact: Tracking Your Research Metrics

Learn strategies for assessing the impact of your research with this step-by-step guide to research metrics

Advanced Metrics

Advanced metrics are a broad category of advanced indicators that can be utilized for in-depth impact analysis. These are not "ready-made" metrics, and require some specialized knowledge to calculate. 


Analyzing patterns of citation and publication data can paint a detailed picture of a researcher's impact


Examples of Advanced Metrics

Normalized Percentile: Expresses the citation count of a publication or group of publications as a percentile rank against other publications from the same discipline and year (e.g. The citation count for Article X is in the 90th percentile when compared with other articles published in the same discipline and year).

Collaboration Networks: A visual representation of the authors, institutions, funding agencies, etc. that a researcher, or group of researchers. has collaborated with. Can be paired with citation-based metrics to identify the most successful collaborations.