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Explore library resources for the Physician Assistant program at McMaster.


This guide has been developed to identify library and internet resources that support the learning objectives of the Physician Assistant Education Program (PAEP) at McMaster University. If you find a resource that you feel might be appropriate, please send an email to Susanna Galbraith, including the full URL of the resource and a brief description.

Evidence-Based Practice

Health sciences research can be interpreted as strongly evidence-based to poorly evidence-based. Learn more about how various health resources and clinical tools can be analyzed using the library's Evidence-Based Practice guide.

Practice Guidelines

CRE Prep - Clinical Cases

Popular Clinical Tools

Best used in clinical settings for looking up excellent evidence-based information.

Find Research Articles in Health Sciences Databases

Best used when looking for individual research studies when conducting a literature or systematic review.

Popular Textbooks

Textbook Collections

Popular Anatomy Resources

Drug Information