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Consumer Health

Discover the best sources for consumer health information on the web

Evaluating Health Information on the Internet

Not everything you see on the internet is legitimate! Learn how to evaluate the information you find in order to make informed choices.

There is no shortage of health and health-related information available on the internet. The challenge for consumers of health information is to locate the best sources to answer their questions. It can easily become overwhelming to sift through thousands of web pages and to have to deal with conflicting, dubious, and even downright dangerous information!

The health information you'll find in this website has been checked and double-checked by Health Sciences Library information professionals, so you can be assured it's of good quality. But what about pages you find on your own? Obviously, we can't link to every site from our page, so instead, we'd rather arm you with the tools you need to evaluate websites on your own. 

These links provide lists of questions you can ask yourself about as well as things to look for on the website in question, in order to determine its legitimacy and reliability.

For more information about systematic evaluation of websites and other internet resources, see the next heading in this list Evaluating Information: The CRAAP Test