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Medicine - Undergraduate

Explore library resources for Undergraduate Medicine program at McMaster.

iMED Library Orientation

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Follow-up from Aug 16, 2021 session:

  • Health Sciences Library hours will be 1:00pm- 4:30pm, Monday to Friday starting September 7. This is subject to change. Mills Library and Thode Library will be open Monday to Friday, and their hours should be posted soon.
  • SPSS is available through the University Technology Services virtual labs. They list is as IBM SPSS Statistics. Instructions for how to access software from off-campus through remote desktop are available from the website.
  • Information on remote access to UpToDate via MedPortal is available through this news item

Information Resources & Learning in Medical School

CRAAP Test: criteria for assessing the validity and reliability of information

C   Currency (how old is the information)

R   Reliability (who does the author reference)

A   Authority (does the author have expertise and experience)

A   Accuracy (is the information cited and backed up with evidence)

P   Perspective/bias (does the author provide full and balanced information)

Quick Look-up & Lab Values