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As a clinical faculty member supporting the MacCARE program at McMaster University, you've graciously offered your time and expertise to help ensure future health professionals have the experience necessary to succeed.

The Faculty of Health Sciences greatly appreciates your contributions to health education and is pleased to provide full access to the extensive collection of resources available from McMaster's Health Sciences Library, including:

  • Evidence-based, point-of-care tools 
  • Health databases
  • E-textbooks and journals
  • Pharmaceutical resources      
  • Mobile apps 
  • And much more...

This guide will introduce you to the library's key resources and provide some useful tips for using these tools effectively.

Drug Information Sources

Off-Campus Access

Library resources can be accessed from off-campus by logging in with your MacID username and password.  Your MacID username will be included in your welcome package. You can set a password and activate your MacID using the MacID activation tool.