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Public Health

Explore library resources for the Masters in Public Health program at McMaster.

Public Health Intro Books


Welcome to the Health Sciences Library's Guide to Public Health Resources. McMaster's Faculty of Health Sciences places a strong focus on Evidence-Informed Practice, which require students to have a strong understanding of the information resources available through the library.  

When seeking public health information, it is always best to take a systematic approach.  It is a process that involves identifying information needs in the form of a question, deciding which resources might hold the answer, and developing a search strategy appropriate to capturing the necessary information.

Whether your needs relate to coursework, or original research, this guide will help support the effective and efficient retrieval of such information.  

How to Use this Guide

Below you will find links to the library's key public health resources, which you may need to access regularly during your time at McMaster. To learn how best to use these resources explore the Forming Questions, Journal Articles & Databases and Evidence-Informed Public Health pages. The Grey Literature and Data & Statistics pages provide excellent tools and resources for finding these types of information. 

Key Public Health Databases