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Getting Started with ORCID

Learn how to set up your ORCID Researcher Profile


What should I do if I accidently registered for two different ORCIDs?

You can delete a duplicate ORCID and have it refer to your preferred ORCID moving forward.

Can I delegate responsibility for my ORCID profile?

Yes.  Management and maintenance of your ORCID profile can be delegated to another ORCID user.

How should I display my ORCID online?

ORCID's recommended format is:  Your ORCID can also be added to your CV, e-mail signature, and business cards.

What happens if I move institutions?

Your ORCID moves with you, so you can keep the same ID throughout your career.  If you are leaving McMaster, we suggest you update your affiliation information in your ORCID record and unlink your ORCID from McMaster Experts.


What data will display on my ORCID record?

Your name will appear in your ORCID account. You can choose what information to keep private and what to make public on your ORCID account and can edit your name. You can add further information to other fields on your ORCID account if you choose: what information is made public and what remains private is up to you.

Does the University share my data with ORCID?

You have control over the data that the University shares with ORCID. In order to obtain an ORCID and to validate you as a member of McMaster University, you need to provide a minimum amount of data which is shared: your name and your email addresses. It is up to you whether or not you add any further information on your ORCID record.

Will the University share or change the information on my ORCID account?

You have sole control over your ORCID account. The university will not insert or edit data on your ORCID record. The privacy setting you apply on your own account dictates who is able to see your data.

What if the details that display from my account are incorrect?

You are able to login to your ORCID account, and change any details you need to.

More details on ORCID's commitment to privacy can be found here: