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Medicine - Undergraduate

Explore library resources for Undergraduate Medicine program at McMaster.

Recommended Books

Students who come from a non-science background may find the following three books helpful as they navigate MF1.   

Principles of Anatomy & Physiology - Tortora

Tortora’s Principles of Anatomy and Physiology comes highly recommended as an anatomy and physiology text, and should serve as a good foundation for more advanced studies in anatomy and physiology.  After you have mastered Tortora you may want to take a look at Guyton's text on physiology.


Biology by Campbell and Biological Science by Freeman were written for students who do not have a background in science.  The books cover topics of cells, immunology, and gas exchange in enough detail to allow you to study anatomy and physiology in more depth.  You will notice that the biology texts contain animal examples as well as human examples.  You can just skip over the animal examples!  

Recommended Sections              

  • Chapter 6 - Tour of the Cell
  • Chapter 42 - Circulation and Gas Exchange
  • Chapter 43 - The Immune System

Recommended Sections

  • Chapter 7 - Inside the cell
  • Chapter 44 - Gas Exchange and Circulation
  • Chapter 49 - The Immune System in Animals