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Interlibrary Loans: Lending

Interlibrary Loan policies, procedures

Lending Policies

Interlibrary Loan Lending Policy

Interlibrary Loans                                                  
Health Sciences Library
McMaster University
1280 Main Street West, HSC 2B
Hamilton, ON L8S 4K1


Phone:  905-525-9140 x22546

​Fax:  905-528-3733







RACER code


Ontario University Shipping

OHMB - McMaster Health Sciences

Article Exchange

Telephone number

905-525-9140 x22546



Borrowing material held in the Health Sciences Library via Racer DOCLINE & other ILL management systems
ILL Management System Address Request to: LBID
RACER (message in generic script) OHM04
Libraries using ISO compliant messaging oculvdx.iso@scholarsportal,info OHM04
Libraries without an ILL Management System OHM04

The Health Sciences Library will not accept requests by telephone, fax, email, Ariel, Canada Post or on OCLC.



  • Monographs:

    6-week loan period, not renewable.  Will not lend materials from the History of Medicine (if printed before1940, exceptions may apply), Archives, Reference, or Reserve collections.

  • Dissertations / Theses:

    Will not lend.

  • Serials:

    Will not lend.

  • Audio Visual:

    Will not lend.

  • Computer software:

    Will not lend.

  • Microforms:

    Will not lend.

Christmas Holiday Period

Interlibrary Loan delivery is suspended from mid-December to early January.

Basic Charges

  • Photocopies:
    • Canadian Libraries: $11.00 CD/article (up to 50 pages)
    • U.S. Library: $11.00 USD/article article (up to 50 pages)
    • EFTS Participant: $11.00 USD/article (up to 50 pages)
  • Monographs:
    • $15.00 for each title loaned in Canada*
    • $35.00 for each title loaned outside Canada*


*When registered mail or special handling is required, an extra charge of $30.00 per item applies.

  • *Faxing:

    $1.00 per page, in addition to charges for the article(s)

  • Charges for Rush Requests:

    RUSH material is faxed or sent via Article Exchange at the rate of $30/article

Charges to For-Profit Institutions/Groups/Individuals

  • Photocopies:

    $30/ article (up to 50 pages)

  • Faxing:

    $1.00 per page, in addition to charges for the article(s)

  • Charges for Rush Requests:

    RUSH material is faxed or sent via Article Exchange at the rate of $40/article (up to 25 pages). Articles exceeding 25 pages incur an additional fee of $1.00 per page.

Charges to Libraries in Consortia with Reciprocal Agreements

  • Photocopies:

    $5.00 per item copied*, e.g. article

  • Monographs:

    No charge*

  • Charges for Rush Requests:

    RUSH material is faxed or sent via Article Exchange at the rate of $30/article

Reciprocal charges apply to:

  • National Library of Canada (NLC)
  • Members of the Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL) and affiliates
  • Members of the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL)
  • Members of the Association of Canadian Medical Colleges (ACMC)
  • Members of the Conférence des recteurs et des principaux des universités du Québec (CREPUQ)
  • Members of the Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries (COPPUL)
  • Members of the Council of Atlantic University Libraries (CAUL)
  • Hospital libraries in Hamilton and the Mac-CARE region (
  • Public libraries in the Escarpment region of the Ontario Public Library Service
  • LHIN # 3 Waterloo Wellington Health Integrated Network
  • LHIN # 4 Hamilton, Niagara Halton Brant Health Integrated Network


Indication of cost is sent with loans and photocopy. Invoices issued semi-annually January 15th, July 15th. Please make cheques payable to McMaster University and return payment to the ILL address shown above.

Credit card payments accepted on Visa and Mastercard. When paying by credit card,phone, fax or mail the following information to us: 1) card number, 2) expiry date and 3) Name of the cardbearer. Please send request order numbers or a copy of our invoice with payment to ensure proper credit.

We participate in EFTS (the Electronic Funds Transfer System); we pay for material we request in DOCLINE and accept payment for DOCLINE requests sent to us via EFTS.


For more information about the Health Sciences Library Interlibrary Loan Policy for borrowing institutions, contact Neera Bhatnagar

Contact Interlibrary Loan

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Contact Information

Health Sciences Library
Interlibrary Loans Department
1280 Main Street West HSC 2B12
Hamilton ON  L8S 4K1

905-525-9140  EXT. 22546
Fax  905 - 523-3733
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