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History of Hamilton Hospitals

Explore library resources related to the history of hospitals in Hamilton.

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Hamilton Civic Hospitals - Hamilton Mountain/Henderson Hospital

The first building of the Mount Hamilton Hospital, which opened in April 1917, was a 100-bed veterans hospital. In 1954, the 322-bed Nora-Frances Henderson Convalescent Hospital was built on the same site. In 1962, the Hamilton General Hospital amalgamated with the Nora-Frances Henderson Convalescent Hospital and the Mount Hamilton Hospital to form the Hamilton Civic Hospitals. In 1965, the two adjacent hospitals were physically linked and renamed the Henderson General Hospital. The Hamilton Civic Hospitals amalgamated with Chedoke-McMaster Hospitals in 1997 to form Hamilton Health Sciences. In 2012, the Henderson Hospital was renamed the Juravinski Hospital.

Hamilton General Hospital

The first hospital in Hamilton dates back to the 1840s when tents were constructed on Burlington Heights to treat victims of cholera. The first permanent hospital was the House of Industry founded in 1848. This evolved into the City Hospital in 1853 and the General Hospital in 1882 in its current location. In 1962, it amalgamated with the Mount Hamilton and Henderson Hospitals to create the Hamilton Civic Hospitals. In 1997, Hamilton Civic Hospitals amalgamated with Chedoke-McMaster Hospitals to create Hamilton Health Sciences. It is currently the Hamilton General Hospital of Hamilton Health Sciences.

Hamilton Insane Asylum/Ontario Hospital/Hamilton Psychiatric Hospital

The Hamilton Asylum for the Insane, also called the Ontario Hospital and later the Hamilton Psychiatric Hospital, was initially intended to be an asylum for "inebriates". However, there was more need for beds for the mentally disturbed and this became its sole concern. The Hamilton Asylum for the Insane began operation in 1876 on 529 acres of land.

Because all psychiatric hospitals were provincially run institutions, all the records for this hospital are located at the provincial archives, Archives of Ontario.

Mountain Sanatorium/Chedoke Hospital

The Mountain Sanatorium was founded in 1906 to treat tuberculosis in the Hamilton-Wentworth area. In 1960, it expanded its mandate and became a general hospital and renamed itself Chedoke. In 1979, it amalgamated with the McMaster University Medical Centre to become Chedoke-McMaster Hospitals and in 1997 it amalgamated again with Hamilton Civic Hospitals (Mount Hamilton, Henderson and Hamilton General Hospitals) to create Hamilton Health Sciences. It is now Chedoke Hospital of Hamilton Health Sciences.

St. Joseph's Hospital

The Sisters of St. Joseph came to Hamilton in 1852 to care for orphaned children. St. Joseph's Hospital was founded in 1890.

Website: The Sisters of St. Joseph of Hamilton

Location: Sisters of St. Joseph of Hamilton, Box 155, L.C.D. #1, Hamilton Ontario, L8L 7V7
Ph: 905-528-0138
Fax: 905-528-8883

All the archival records for St. Joseph's Hospital, 1890- are located here.

St. Peter's Hospital

Victorian Order of Nurses

Website: Victorian Order of Nurses. VON Hamilton

Location: 414 Victoria Avenue North, Ste. M2, Hamilton, Ontario, L8L 5G8
Phone: 905-529-0700
Fax: 905-667-0563 (admin)

The headquarters of the Hamilton chapter contains a collection of nursing equipment artifacts relating to the Victorian Order of Nurses in Hamilton. This a private collection and permission must be to view the collection must be requested from the Executive Director.

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