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Booking a Research Consultation

Learn how to prepare for a one-on-one consultation with a librarian.

Preparing for Your Consultation

Checkmark GraphicRemember, you are the subject expert, the librarian is the search expert. 

A solid understanding of your topic before you meet is essential for an effective research consultation.

Completing the following checklist will make sure you are prepared: 

Information to Send to Your Librarian

  Your research question or research protocol

  Full citations for 2-3 articles relevant to your research [if available]

Harris, M.R. (2005). The librarian's roles in the the systematic review process: A case study. Journal of the Medical Library Association, 93 (1), 81-87.  [Example]

Tasks to Complete

  View HSL's database tutorials

Select one based on your topic:

  Map your key concepts to potential search terms

E.g.) Is the flu vaccine effective at preventing influenza in the elderly?

   Concept  Search Terms      
 #1  Flu  "Flu"  "Influenza"  "H1N1"  "Swine Flu"
 #2  Vaccine  "Vaccin*"  "Immunization*"  "Shot*"  
 #3  Elderly  "Elderly"  "Senior*"  "Older Adult*"  "Aged"





  Create a personal account in the database you plan on searching. Conduct initial searches and save your search histories.


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