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Medicine - Undergraduate

Explore library resources for Undergraduate Medicine program at McMaster.

Key Concepts

Individual test Sensitivity and Specificity can be found in Evidence Summaries (e.g. Amirsys, BMJ Best Practice, Dynamed, UpToDate). 

Medical Decision Making

The Medical Decision Making resources were gathered by Dr. Haider Saeed, former Medical Decision-Making Planner for the Undergraduate Medicine curriculum.

Follow Dr. Saeed on Twitter : MacMD_MDM

Evidence-Based Information Hierarchy

The 6S Hierarchy of Evidence

The 6-S model focuses on appraised literature. Resources at the bottom of the hierachy have not been appraised. Resources from higher on the hierarchy are critically appraised and the evidence is synthesized and often presented in the policy content of a particular country. This model works very well when researching for answers to therapy questions.


[DiCenso, Bayley and Haynes (2009). ACP Journal Club. Editorial: Accessing pre-appraised evidence: Fine-tuning the 5S model into a 6S model. Annals of Internal Medicine, 151(6):JC3-2, JC3-3.]

Evidence in Context