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Finding Grey Literature

Start your Grey Literature search with this guide containing resources and strategies for discovering research produced outside traditional commercial or academic publishing channels.

Conduct Your Search

A thorough grey literature search should involve a general sweep of the internet. Some tips for web searching are:

  • restrict content to .org or .gov sites
    • enter your topic and then either "" OR "" 
  • restrict content to file type 
    • type in your topic and then "filetype:pdf" or "filetype:doc"
  • use a selection of several search engines in addition to Google, such as:

Focus Your Search

Before starting your online search, consider:

  • What kinds of information are you looking for?
    • theses and dissertations?
    • conference posters, papers, or proceedings?
    • government reports?

    • clinical trials?
  • Who would publish this type of information?
    • government?
    • advocacy groups?
    • academia?
    • industry?
  • Do you have limits in your criteria for inclusion?
    • preferred publication date(s)?
    • preferred geographic region(s)?
    • preferred language(s)?

General Grey Literature Resources