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History of Diseases

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There are many kinds of lupus. The most common type, systemic lupus erythematosus, affects many parts of the body. Discoid lupus causes a rash that doesn't go away. Subacute cutaneous lupus causes sores after being out in the sun. Another type can be caused by medication. Neonatal lupus, which is rare, affects newborns. The cause of lupus is not known. The most common symptoms are joint pain or swelling ,muscle pain ,fever ,red rashes, often on the face. There is no cure for lupus, but medicines and lifestyle changes can help control it.

In Literature

Isaacsen-Bright. 13 is too young to die. Worthington, Ohio : Willowisp Press, Inc., 1980. (Juvenile fiction)

Alexa and her family cope with her year-long skin affliction known as Lupus and its fatal consequences.