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Hematology - Red Cell Disorders: Modules

Library resource guide for postgraduate medicine students specializing in hematology - red cell disorders.

General Tips for RBC Rotation Reading List

  • The rotation is divided into Modules 1-8 and they roughly correspond to the 8 weeks in the rotation.

  • Some modules are lighter and others are heavier with regards to reading component - please budget time accordingly through the rotation.

  • The reading list for each module is written so that topics proceed in a logical order, therefore we recommend reading the resources in the order presented.

  • Occasionally several good articles or reviews have been included that provide similar but complementary information or figures.

  • We have made an effort to include all major studies and RCTs in each subject area. Please note that these papers are included so that you are familiar with the studies (including possible fodder for OSCEs and the Hematology Royal college exam). However, during the rotation, please focus on the "big picture" of each study. Knowledge at the level of PICO would be appropriate for rotation-specific learning.

  • Resources marked with ** are intended to be read in a big picture way, rather than focus on details - RCTs, lab studies, etc.

  • Resources in italics are optional and to be used as references.