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Global Health: Non-Health Resources

Explore library resources for the Global Health program at McMaster.

News & Media Sources

Large scale news providers...



When searching for examples of culture on the internet, as expressed through music, dance, theatre, traditional games... consider using YouTube and combining the country/region/culture/Indigenous group name with words like music, song, dance, play, game, ceremony. For example, in searching for examples of Maori culture, searching using: Maori music, Maori games, provides some short videos of traditional songs and others of traditional games.

Film & Documentaries

Another way to gain insight is to explore regional film-making through Youtube as noted above, or through other sources such as the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) or online film festivals. Public broadcasters and newscasters may also have short and long films and videoclips available.

Government Websites

Websites hosted by the country's national and regional governments and foreign embassies often contain very useful information about culture, political structure, economic situation, health, and even important dates and festivals. For example, take a look at the information on the Embassy of the Republic of Zambia site.

Libraries and Museums

Depending on where you're heading, you may find that the websites of libraries and museums contain online exhibitions showcasing historic events (e.g. Library & Archives Canada settlement of Canada), arts & literature (e.g. Royal Library of Denmark Hans Christian Andersen), and online photo and news collections.

Subject Guide

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