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Public Health

Library resource guide for students in the Masters in Public Health program.

New to Searching?

First learn how to form a good question, then you`re ready to check out these helpful HSL tutorials for tips on conducting an effective and efficient search!

Watch more tutorials on CINAHL and OVID Medline.

What about Google Scholar?

Google Scholar is a search engine, not a database. It's easy to use for the beginner, but the limited search functionality often returns results that are not as on topic as you might like.

Since it's easy and returns so many results, it provides an 'instant gratification' that often leads the searcher to believe they've done an exhaustive search, when really they could be missing many important studies. 

Core Public Health Databases

Subject-Based Databases

Biological and Biomedical



Health Sciences

Multidisciplinary Databases

But wait, there's more!

Browse all Health Sciences Databases: