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Nursing: Getting Started

Library resource guide for students in Nursing.


Welcome the the Health Sciences Library's Guide to Nursing Resources. McMaster's Faculty of Health Sciences places a strong focus on Problem-Based Learning (PBL) and Evidence-Informed Decision Making (EIDM), both of which require students to have a strong understanding of the information resources available through the library.  

When seeking health information, it is always best to take a systematic approach.  It is a process that involves identifying information needs in the form of a question, deciding which resources might hold the answer, and developing a search strategy appropriate to capturing the necessary information.

Whether your needs relate to coursework, clinical situations, or original research, this guide will help support the effective and efficient retrieval of such information.  


Using This Guide

Forming Questions - This tab will help you determine exaclty what your information needs are and express them as a question.

Background 6S/Foreground Info - Depending on the type of question you end up with, these tabs will recommend the best resources to find the answer.

Further Research - This tab is tailored to the information needs of nurses working on research projects (e.g Grey Literature Resources, Interdisciplinary Databases, Search Tools, etc.)

Clinical - This tab contains tools and resources useful to nurses working in clincal settings (e.g. Mobile Apps, Free Online Resources, Entry to Practice Competencies, etc.)

Nursing Theory - This tab covers information relating to the various theoretical frameworks underlying nursing research and practice.  

We believe the best way to learn is through participation in your own education.  If you have any suggestions for additions to this guide, please contact Laura Banfield.

EIDM: Nursing at McMaster

 Evidence-Informed Decision Making (EIDM) is a broad concept referring to the incorporation of valid and relevant external evidence during the decision making process.

In nursing, such evidence is most commonly found in high-quality research studies that can be applied to the specific patient or population being considered.  

As McMaster Nursing students, the concept of EIDM runs through all aspects of your academic curriculum: from theory to research to clinical decision-making and beyond.

The resources available at the Health Sciences Library can help you find the best available evidence to support these processes, but this is only one piece of the EIDM puzzle (See Fig. 1)

EIDM: Just for Fun!

Some Studies That I Like to Quote by James McCormack

Viva La Evidence! by James McCormack

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